Pick up the phone and call Word of Mouth! It really is that easy, but before you do, you may want to think about a few things:

  • what kind of party do you want to have? Entertaining for business may require a completely different approach than casual personal entertaining.
  • how do you want the party to flow? Do you plan to serve your guests a full meal? What beverages will you offer? Want help with plates and glasses, or are disposables a-okay? What level of staffing are you thinking? Are guests completely taken care of, or is a more casual time okay? Are flowers, lighting, transportation, or entertainment important elements for you?
  • establish a budget. If you are an old pro with catering you may have a good idea of an appropriate budget, but if you are hosting your first event you may not be familiar with the costs associated in hiring outside help. Word of Mouth planners, stocked with answers to the questions above, will work within your budget to offer the best fit for you.